The tomb is empty! Easter was beautiful. There was a rare break of sunshine on Easter morning which was special here in London. And Easter was extra special because… Jason received the priesthood!! Wooohooo! And he received a calling as a gospel essentials teacher in Sunday school. Wooohooox2! Friday he texted us a picture of … More Empty

A Better Place

Wow. What a great weekend of General Conference. That spiritual boost and motivation is just the best. I’m so grateful we have a living prophet and apostles, as well as the Seventy and other church leaders who love and care about us.  (Disclaimer: I thought this would be a short email but quickly got carried … More A Better Place


The terrorist attack at Westminster. Thank you to those who reached out to me and have kept the people of London in their prayers. This week has been a bit scary to be honest. But first let’s look at the latest and greatest happenings here in the England London Mission! Jason passed his baptismal interview! … More #PRINCEofPEACE

A Room of Legos

Day 300. Can you believe it? I cannot. OK just to point it out I only know I’ve been on my mission for 300 days because I’m dedicated to writing in my journal each day and by writing what day it is at the top of the page, then I’m accountable to never miss a … More A Room of Legos

Send The Angels

What a beautiful day it is to be alive. Oh and hi on Tuesday! We got to have interviews with our Mission President yesterday so that’s why I am writing today.  Well what a week it has been! Sometimes I really don’t know how to begin to describe the week. Being a missionary is really … More Send The Angels

Anywhere Worth Going

Hey yo! Is it just me or is time nonexistent? Honestly, it’s going so fast. I think that’ll be one thing I’ve learned on my mission- time just doesn’t exist. It doesn’t in the eternities and I guess this life is a preparation for the eternities so maybe my mission is preparing me for a time without … More Anywhere Worth Going

Do You Love Me?

February is absolutely flying by. It’s been a crazy week getting back into the swing of things after poor Sister Wallace’s sick week. It never feels like we have enough time! But time is man-made and this is God’s work so we know all things are possible. And here are just a few of the ever … More Do You Love Me?