She Turned Her Can’ts into Cans

You can officially call me the mouse killer because our flat is cursed by mice. But happy Monday fam! We will get to that story later. London is grand. The tourists have begun to pour into London so that’s fun. Gotta love all the clueless people. Now that I have lived here for so long, it’s just really funny to see how tourists act. But it also generally means more visitors to the Visitors’ Centre so yay!

For example: These two girls ran into the chapel out of breath saying, “Can we get some free tickets?” And we looked at them like, um what free tickets? They said, “We heard if we came here we could get free tickets.” And we still were quite confused. And eventually they said, “To the Book of Mormon musical?” We explained that no we didn’t have free tickets, so then they asked if they could just buy tickets from us. When we told them we had nothing to do with the Book of Mormon musical, they felt so bad and well, they left with a copy of the real thing so hopefully they enjoy that more than the tickets they were so desperately hunting for 🙂

While we are on the topic of the Book of Mormon, we had a miracle! So y’all know by now how we send referrals all over the world. Well the other day a man named Kwadwo requested a free Book of Mormon and he lives in the area we cover! I just so happened to be the person to pick up his request and confirmed that he did indeed want a Book of Mormon. Sister Kõiv was on exchange with another sister on Wednesday evening and they stopped by Kwadwo’s flat. Turns out he is the father of a family with four children and he was super interested. He also accepted the goal of working towards baptism in July! Oh and they have a little African 6 year old boy so yes, I’m very happy about that. 

Last week I forgot to share some AWESOME news happening this Friday. Elder Christofferson, aka AN APOSTLE is coming to our mission! And…Sister Kõiv and I were asked to do a special musical number at the meeting! Yup, we are going to sing for an apostle and his wife. No big deal. We are really excited for it all but hey, pray for us please.

Each email I always try to think of some funny stories but seem to always fail. But one good one was when we were on the tube and I noticed an advertisement that The Killers are coming to play in Hyde Park this summer. So I turned to Sister Kõiv and said, “The Killers are coming!” She instantly freaked out (mind you, the terrorist attack was still very fresh in our minds) and was looking all over for “the killers.” I had to calm her and tell her The Killers are a band. My poor Estonian companion almost had a heart-attack on the train. Sorry Sister! 

Oh yes, so while we are on the topic of killers, let’s talk about my mouse killing. Sunday evening Sister Kõiv was on the phone and started screaming. Turns out this time instead of finding a dead mouse by our bed, we had a live mouse running around our flat. We closed all the doors in hopes to trap it in whatever room it ran into and then moved stuff around. It was hiding in our room and eventually hid behind the rubbish bin. So I kicked that bin like a crazy woman until the poor mouse was smooshed and dead. And then cleaned it up and threw it out of the window once again. Thankfully we found where the mice are coming from (at least we think so) and have made a solid barricade so we hope no more mice surprise us.

There wasn’t much more excitement for the week other than tsunami-like weather, the craziness of the election, and introducing my companion to Five Guys which led us to eating it a few too many times. But hey, sometimes all you need is a good burger. The burgers here are way too posh and the best burger you’ll find in England is Five Guys. None of that Byron, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, or Honest business. But that’s just random tips from Sister Fuhriman if you are ever in London craving a burger. 

So to conclude this rather lengthy and random email, let me share with you something I’ve been pondering on throughout the week. Cans. What I CAN do. Lately there’s been a few, “well you can’t do this. And you can’t do that.” Just acknowledging a lot of my weaknesses and things I’m kind of unable to do because of my human imperfections. However, this week I’ve tried to change those can’ts into things I CAN do. 

I was easily reminded of a story from April’s session of General Conference. Sister Linda K. Burton shared about a “woman who has battled for the past 15 years the debilitating, difficult, and progressive disease called inclusion body myositis. Though confined to her wheelchair, she strives to be grateful and keeps up her “Can Can List”: a running list of things she can do, such as I can breathe, I can swallow, I can pray, and I can feel my Savior’s love.”

I can only imagine the trials this woman faces each day. We are often reminded of our limitations. We think of the talents we don’t have or the things we just cannot seem to accomplish. I have tried to focus lately however on how my weaknesses can be made into strengths. I can do much of anything if I am determined enough. The Saviour reminds us of how this can be done. “And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them” (Ether 12:27).

One of my good friends used to tell me I am terrible at compromising. I’ll now admit that compromising is a weakness of mine. Sister Stevens however, reminded me that “faith is an uncompromising effort to keep going.” My weakness of compromising is currently becoming a strength because I am determined to keep going. And so maybe that’s faith. But for me, it’s just recognizing what I can do rather than what I cannot, and allowing my weaknesses to become strengths through Jesus Christ. 

So my friends, I’m turning my can’ts into cans and my dreams into plans. Hope y’all do the same and remember Jesus loves you. Sister Fuhriman does too. But hey, you CAN do this. 

Sister Fuhriman


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