Small & Simple

A dead mouse, allergic reaction, hospital trip, and terrorist attack. Just your average week in the ELM apparently! I should probably expand on all that now.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me after the attack Saturday evening. We were informed about it Sunday morning, and it was quite frightening news as London Bridge isn’t too far from our flat. However, I am grateful for the mission rules of being in our flat by 9:30 p.m. which meant we were no where near the area of the attack. I love this city, and it hurts to hear about these attacks. I honestly don’t have many words. It’s a scary time.

Now the dead mouse wasn’t anything exciting besides one night as we walked into our room, lo and behold there was a lovely dead mouse lying next to our bed. No worries, we got our mouse friend all cleaned up and thrown out the window. 

Allergic reaction? Not entirely sure about that one yet. Basically my face is just full of red dots. People continue to ask if I’m really stressed (not gonna lie, I am!) But this is more than regular acne. It’s also only on one side of my face and continually gets worse! I told a sister in the Visitors’ Centre that I just got attacked by a swarm of bees and she still believes that is what happened hahaha so we will see how much longer this weird thing continues. 

And the hospital visit wasn’t a big deal. Just to the most posh hospital I’ve ever seen. It also is over the Thames River which means it’s out of our mission. Oops. But it was alright!

It’s just been one crazy week. And ready for even more crazy? In the month of May, between the 8 Hyde Park Chapel Visitors’ Centre sisters, we helped teach and baptize 30 people! THREE ZERO. THIRTY! Our goal was 15 for May and we DOUBLED IT! Ahhhh I am just so proud of these sisters and all the work they are doing. The Visitors’ Centre has changed dramatically in the past few months with our online work and I am loving it. 

In regards to online work, I have the coolest story! In April, a man I started teaching online named Bill requested a free Book of Mormon. This week I emailed him to just see how he was doing. He said back, “I’m doing great. I’m getting baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday. You know, you should take credit for part of my conversion as well. While researching the LDS church, I came across your blog which had a link to order the free Book of Mormon. So I guess you can say I found the church before the church found me!”

That means Bill found my mission blog, followed the link, requested a free Book of Mormon and then out of all the missionaries and referral manager workers in the world, I was the one to pick up his request and send his information to the missionaries! What a miracle. I’m amazed. And now he got baptized on Saturday! Wooooohoooo! 

So I guess one thing I learned from that is best said by Alma in the Book of Mormon: “By small and simple things are great things brought to pass.” The small link on my blog to which then leads to a free Book of Mormon lead to a great thing for Bill. It also showed me what Alma continues to say: “And the Lord God doth work by means to bring about his great and eternal purposes.” I think there’s no way God wasn’t involved in Bill’s miracle. The fact that Bill went to my blog and I’m the one who confirmed his request just is incredible. God worked by a simple mean to bring about His great and eternal purpose for my dear friend Bill in Maryland. 

We will keep this short and simple now. I’m praying things get better in England and around the world. That we can look forward with hope rather than fear. That we can notice God’s hand in the simple things. And that the mice stay away and my face no longer looks like I have chicken pox 😉 

Sister Fuhriman


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