7 Year Old Gabby

Are p-day’s on Tuesday now? Haha just kidding, they just have been for the past 3 weeks, but I’m happy to be emailing y’all! 

To begin, I just want to say how much my heart hurts for those impacted by the terrorist attack in Manchester yesterday. It wasn’t as close to home as the Westminster attack, but it still hurts to hear of attacks like these in the country I love so much. Please keep England in your prayers.

Wow, this week. Aren’t many words to describe this week. It was a week of crashing to soaring. Lots of turned corners and for the first time in a long time, I can say the future is looking bright and I’m feeling generally really happy! 

And so I just want to say thank you. Thank you to all those who have sent emails of encouragement and said prayers on my behalf. I’m very blessed. I just don’t have words. But thank you so, so much. 

So baptisms! Bill and his wife Karen got baptised in North Carolina! They are fantastic and so involved in the church community already. Amazing how Bill requested a Book of Mormon just a couple months ago and now he and his wife have made this special promise with their Heavenly Father and Savior! So cool. And Antoinette in Pennsylvania got baptised too! She’s so sweet. She began learning about the church when she was younger, but her parents stopped her from continuing. Then she came online to Mormon.org, requested a Book of Mormon again, and boom! She made it where she’s desired to be for so many years. So proud of her. 

Well, let’s keep this short. But this week I learned a lot about myself. I was challenged to remember my seven-year-old self. I reflected on young Gabby. The kid who saw a lake that was a mile long and said, “I’m going to swim that,” and then actually did. The child who despite her grandfather and aunt passing away, knew she would see them again someday. The girl who had cotton candy and popcorn machines at her birthday party and was obsessed with her Care Bear pillowcase sewn by one of her best friends. I needed to find that Gabby. 

As I was challenged to do this, I reflected on the day I had right before this. I went into Build-a-Bear and I made myself a bear. He has Union Jack feet and a London t-shirt, so you bet ya I named him Jack. And when putting the heart inside him and I was told to make a wish, yup, I teared up as I wished in my heart, “I will overcome this.” Later when I was told to find my seven-year-old self, I couldn’t help but smile when thinking that somehow without even realising it, my seven-year-old Gabby was reaching out to me and led me to make my bear Jack. 

The rest of the week I spent trying to find seven-year-old me. Pausing to look at the rainbows. Getting banana popsicles from the ice cream truck. Making cookies to make ice cream sandwiches. Just little things to remember that little girl who was determined, happy, and strong in her faith. 

There is true beauty in taking some time to think back to our innocence as a child. I wrote about it earlier on my mission, but I really think this is why the Savior invites us over and over to become as a little child. Because remembering my childhood has brought a new sense of self-discovery. A discovery that I believe is leading me to the Savior Jesus Christ. 

I am grateful for the sunshine that is beginning to peek through those cloudy days. I know there are still some very tough days ahead, but it’s all about baby steps. I think of my favourite movie “What About Bob” and also Sister Mullen’s continual counsel. Baby steps. Baby steps. Baby steps. The steps might be small, but there is progress being made. Not giant leaps that can lead to big falls, but rather a continual effort in trying.  I’m learning more about myself and though it isn’t easy, it’s a journey worth taking. 

And I always knew there was a reason I loved the number seven.

Sister Fuhriman

(Ps- and dad, maybe John Elway has made an impact on my love for 7 too but shh)


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