The Ripped Seam

Add another country to my list because for the next 6 weeks I will continue to serve in Whitechapel with Sister Koiv from ESTONIA! Big surprises there but it’ll be a blast. 

This week was really difficult. I’ll put it in my journal as the most trying week of my mission yet. But I done did it kid and we are onto a new transfer and new week with new happy moments to come.

On the super awesome good note of things, Rachael got baptized! She’s a really sweet girl in Texas and has had such a sincere desire to follow the Savior since I first met her. And Christopher in Ghana got baptized too! Woooohooo. He is already planning on serving a mission next year. Super duper awesome.

Maya oh Maya, what a woman! So she is the sweet 17 year old we met about a month ago. Her family situation is really tough, but by some miracle on Sunday she came to church! I have never seen Satan work so hard on someone to stop them from coming to church like I saw with Maya on Sunday. But she made it and she loved it. She even attended the 3 baptisms with us that evening. Again, she loved them. She is anxious for her baptism which will most likely have to be in a year, but she’s determined to stay strong and overcome. Maya is not only going to endure to the end, but she’s going to enjoy to the end. Love her so much. 

Well with the transfer change, my dear Sister Teng will be off to the Hyde Park 1 area (with Sister Wallace!) & I want you all to know what an absolute blessing sweet Sister Teng has been. She is an angel. I could write out a list of how she’s been a godsend to me, but I’ll share one simple story from the week. 

One evening after a long day, I was getting dressed in my pjs and I noticed that I had somehow ripped the seam of my shirt that I had been wearing that day. I was bummed because it was one of my favourites- and yes, it was just a basic black t-shirt, but I really loved this one. Sister Teng said, “I’ll fix that,” and walked away with my shirt. 

A little while later I walked into our room and there was Sister Teng sitting on the floor with my shirt in her hands. I sat on my bed and she handed me the shirt. As I looked down at the once ripped seam, I could hardly identify where it was. She had sewn the shirt back together in the sweetest way. And then I broke into tears (it was an emotional week, and I’m not ashamed to say I cried at a shirt).

I felt that shirt was me. Broken. Ripped apart. One big hole. And then Sister Teng immediately picked it up to fix it. I thought of the song, “Fix You” by Coldplay. But I also thought of our Savior.

Sometimes I really struggle to allow Him to fix me. I have realized I am a prideful person who wants to do things on my own. I just want to fix it by myself. But I’m beginning to notice there are some things I cannot fix on my own. I need His help. 

And it often isn’t easy. It requires a needle and thread, some time and some stitches. But whatever was once ripped and torn apart will be put back together. The hole can be closed and the seam can be fixed. I’m pretty exhausted with all my ripped seams and trying to sew them back together with my awful sewing skills (i.e. poking myself with needles over and over and over again and backwards stitches and bigger gaps). So I think it’s about time I take it to the perfect tailor. Jesus Christ will fix those ripped seams! 

Sister Fuhriman 

Ps- I kinda am supposed to be a mature missionary but I still get a good laugh at the crazies in London. Best line of the week goes to the man on the bus. He was yelling about what “cheeky means” and proceeded to yell out, “No that is not cheeky! Cheeky is when I pinch your butt because I’m literally pinching your cheek. That’s cheeky!!” Whatever you say crazy man. Whatever you say hahaha. Also when Sister Teng and I got off the bus after this incident, we couldn’t stop laughing and were walking to an appointment and because we were laughing so hard we ended up getting distracted and lost but sometimes you need those moments to just pause and realize how hilarious and awesome life really is.

Psx2- since Britton gave me a shoutout in his weekly email, I’ll do the same. Doing missionary work is super awesome when you get to do it with one of your best friends all the way in Pittsburgh! I found a lady online who is interested in learning more about the church & she lives where Britton, I mean Elder Swisher, is currently serving! Also super weird when I’m allowed to text the missionaries and so I was texting Britton…haha I love online work. Let’s do this!


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