Sunshine During Rain

Happy Monday from the rainy land of England! I hope this email finds you well (or for those reading my blog) and that you are all alright and swell. I don’t have too much to share, but I’ll share a few things. 

Saturday evening we had a neat experience handing out copies of the Book of Mormon to people leaving the Book of Mormon musical. We went with our ward mission leader, four elders and two other sisters. The responses from those exiting the theatre after seeing the show were quite interesting! Generally the people seemed much more interested in the elders and did not think we were real. They assumed the elders were actors (lots of fan girls) and were surprised to see an actual Book of Mormon. It is funny how hyped people get to see the show and I wish they’d react the same way to read the book. They were paying 100 something quid (bucks) for the cheapest ticket, when we were handing out the real thing for free! We got to give out several copies though & it was a cool thing to do.

London has a lot of fun ways to do missionary work and so earlier this month we did a flash mob on the tube. We filled the train with several people reading the Book of Mormon. Someone made an awesome video so you should check it out! (

As far as online work goes, Kathy in Oregon and Andrew in Florida got baptized so woohoo for them! Andrew was actually introduced to the church when he met a friend over PlayStation who is a member of the church. He then came onto requesting a Book of Mormon and less than a month after meeting the missionaries, he was baptized. Missionary work can be done in so many ways. Musicals, flash mobs, and video games, oh my! 

Also Jason. He amazes me daily. And Michael. And Maya. And people are really great, including the missionaries I serve with. I’m blessed.

Oh fun story. The other night at 4 a.m. we were woken up by a gang screaming outside our window. I was certain someone was going to die. Remind me to never live in a city, k? London always keeps you on your toes though so yay for excitement!

Lately there have just been a lot of rainy days. Literally and figuratively. One day we were out looking for the flat of someone and it just started down pouring (I didn’t have a jacket or umbrella) and when we finally found the flat, they slammed the door on us. Just an average missionary everyday experience. But by Sunday as we left our flat and were welcomed by grey skies, I said to Sister Teng, “I don’t know if I can handle another rainy day.” Goodness London, why must you rain all the time?!

“There is Sunshine in my Soul Today” is the simple hymn I’ve tried to sing through my mind on those ever so cloudy days. Elder Holland’s recent talk during General Conference has never been so perfect as I’ve had many unsung songs. But I am grateful that as stated in this hymn, “Jesus listening can hear the songs I cannot sing.”

(Read his talk. You know me & my love for Elder Holland’s talks. Just do it:

Thinking back to my days of theatre, I also feel there are people who can sing for us when we cannot. That is what an understudy is for. When my voice wasn’t well, there was someone to step in for me. During the past few weeks, I’ve come to notice that sometimes we need others to sing for us what may be too difficult for us to vocalise. I am blessed and grateful for those who help my weak voice and unsung songs be expressed. For those who bring the sunshine when there only seems to be continual rain. 

I am also thankful for opposition. For sunshine and for rain. If we didn’t have days full of rain, we wouldn’t know how beautiful days full of clear skies and sunshine are. You have to have both. I think I’ll forever be quoting Lehi on the Book of Mormon. “For it must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things. For there is a God, and he hath created all things, both the heavens and the earth.”

My hope is that each of us can endure the rain with the faith of sunshine to follow. Some days are really dark and scary. Peaceful, happy moments don’t always roll. And maybe gladness doesn’t seem to be present. But I do believe Jesus Christ hears what we cannot seem to sing. He knows. He’s felt it. He’s experienced what we go through. His merciful conducting will help our sometimes broken voice pronounce the melodies we so desperately desire to sing. 

Because of Jesus Christ, there will be sunshine in our souls. Because of Him, songs we so desperately want to sing can be sung. Because there is a God who has created ALL things and loves us with a perfect love, there can always be sunshine during rain.

Sister Fuhriman


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