At Least I Got to Ski

You alright? I’m alright. (This is your classic English, “Hello, how are you?” When I first got to London, everyone was always asking me, “You alright?” So I honestly thought there was always something wrong with me, but eventually realized that is how they say hello. Now I myself am in the habit sooo….oops)

Happy Monday! I hope you all are alright. This week was really hard. So I think this will be brief. 

The other day as I spoke with my favourite Sister Mullen, she mentioned something that sparked my remembrance. The night prior to this particularly rough day, I had a dream that I ended up finding incredibly significant. The dream was this:

My dad and I were at a lake and we were on our ski boat. I started water-skiing, but it started getting very dark. A storm quickly came but this was more like one of those crazy tsunami storms (dreams always make things more dramatic, right?). I looked down into the water and could see the centre of the storm and it was trying to pull me in. My dad stretched forth his arm from the boat and just told me to hold on, hold on. I had to hold tight and not get sucked into the eye of the storm. Finally I made it through and safely back onto the boat. As I got onto the boat I said, “Wow, that was really difficult. But at least I got to water-ski for a bit!”

I feel like the dream I had was significant in a few ways. First, I had this dream right before the storm really crashed for me. So though things have been difficult, it was almost like a warning before the storm, and I’ve had the symbolism from the dream to help me (kinda). This is how I’ve interpreted it.

  1. We may have storms approach us when we least expect it. When we are just going for a ski or having a good day, a storm may hit us that rocks us more than expected. If any of you have ever been on a lake before a storm, it just starts really, really fast, sometimes without much warning. But we then try everything we can to get through it.
  2. Arms are stretched out. We have a Savior and angels on earth to help us, who’s arms are stretched forth telling us to hold on. Hold on. 
  3. We will make it back to safety. Eventually and the storm will calm, no matter how long it may seem. 
  4. The storm will be difficult, but at least something good will come. I got to ski for a bit. And probably became a much better skier for getting through the storm. So we become stronger through the waves. 

I’m trying my best. This storm is difficult. But there are people here to help, as well as a loving Heavenly Father and Savior with stretched out arms. And if anything, at least I got to ski! 🙂

And since we started with an English hello, let’s sign off with an English goodbye.

Sister Fuhriman


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