Send The Angels

What a beautiful day it is to be alive. Oh and hi on Tuesday! We got to have interviews with our Mission President yesterday so that’s why I am writing today. 

Well what a week it has been! Sometimes I really don’t know how to begin to describe the week. Being a missionary is really so wonderful. I feel beyond blessed each day. 

Highlights of the week included:

  • My friend Patrick in Humble, Texas got baptized!
  • Eating lamb for my very first time. Confession: lamb is really yummy, especially when it’s made by a really good chef, sorry Summer! (My sister Summer loves sheep…bah)
  • Being challenged by the elders to find a new friend so we went out and found two (and the elders then owed us food). Challenge Sister Wallace and I to something & it’ll be a good time. Ex- Elder Vernon challenged us to do 100 push-ups everyday for two weeks. Guess who now has to take us to lunch this week? 😉
  • Watching my cousin play the piano in a broadcasted event with President Eyring and Elder Holland (watch it here because the whole thing was AWESOME:
  • Being able to have interviews with President Stevens (basically just getting to speak with him one on one and it was much needed & great as always)
  • Visiting one of our friends and the elders giving her a priesthood blessing. I’m so so so grateful for the priesthood. Very powerful moment.
  • A special broadcast on Sunday to all of Northern Europe
  • & just loving life!

So the special broadcast to Northern Europe! So cool. It happens once every two years and Elder Ballard spoke. I believe a big take away for myself was that believing is a choice. We must do the simple essential things while sticking to the simple doctrines of Christ. It’s important to look at the Lord’s perspective in all things and recognise that it’s OK to have questions, but always turn to the scriptures as your source and then on your knees for further answers and confirmation. We will always find joy by accepting Jesus Christ. 

One evening this week included death and drug deals. Just your average day in London. But besides the drug deals we came across, the death part was actually very moving. We visited a woman who was 100. She lived through World War II and is a very strong woman. Her name is Evelyn, and apparently she was super mad when she turned 100 and found out she had cancer because she was determined to outlive her sister who died at 102. Basically she’s an epic old lady.

As we were in her flat, we watched her just hold on. Her nephew (the only family she has) was coming that evening and she was pretty much waiting until he arrived so she could then go back home. We sat with her, holding her hands, singing “I am a Child of God.” Annie, the Relief Society president who joined us, noted after we left, Evelyn wasn’t speaking to us as we were in her room. She was already parting this life and entering the next. It was a very emotional moment, but incredibly moving to see someone so close to returning to their Heavenly Father. 

The rest of the week I could not stop reflecting on that evening. Everything then seemed to be all about angels and I know that there are angels with us always. Our loved ones who passed on are supporting us. We are not alone in this journey. They are pushing us through and lifting us up. 

“Has the day of miracles ceased? Or have angels ceased to appear unto the children of men? Behold I say unto you, Nay; for it is by faith that angels appear and minister unto men” (Moroni 7:35-37).

I know that angels are still sent to help us, even as they were sent to help the Savior of the world Himself. Matthew records in his gospel that after Satan had tempted Christ in the wilderness “angels came and ministered unto him” (Matthew 4:11). Even the Son of God, a God Himself, had need for heavenly comfort during His journey in mortality.

But what’s even more unique about this story and sometimes overlooked is what we learn from the Joseph Smith translation of this scripture. It reads, “And now Jesus knew that John was cast into prison, and he sent angels, and, behold, they came and ministered unto him.”

The angels came to Christ, but then the Savior sent the angels to go comfort John the Baptist in his time of need. This perfectly describes the love Jesus Christ has for us. He is sending angels unto us. Those angels who minister unto us may be someone we know on this side of the veil. Someone mortal who has blessed us immensely and been an answer to our prayers. I know the Lord is sending angels unto us, seen or unseen, known or unknown, mortal or immortal. They are there. 

Sister Kerr used to always use the line “Send the Angels.” I have reflected deeply on that line of hers and what it means to send angels. I believe that we can be angels for those who may feel they are losing hope or for a friend struggling with mortality’s inevitable challenges. I’ve wondered what is it that I can do to send the angels to someone in need. 

Throughout my mission here in London, I’ve held dear to me the promise given in Doctrine and Covenants 84:88. “I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up.” This work could not be done without Him and His angels supporting us. They are round about us and bearing us up! How beautiful that is. In moments when I have felt too weak, I’ve had an overwhelming abundance of heavenly support. We sure need their help and I’m grateful they are ever so near.

I would invite you all to not only look for the angels around you, but also as Elder Holland said, “In the process of praying for those angels to attend us, may we all try to be a little more angelic ourselves–with a kind word, a strong arm, and a declaration of faith.” 

Thank you all for being my angels when I’ve needed your support and love. We are all just down here trying and why not lift each other up in the process. Let us send the angels!

Sending angels your way,
Sister Fuhriman 


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