Anywhere Worth Going

Hey yo! Is it just me or is time nonexistent? Honestly, it’s going so fast. I think that’ll be one thing I’ve learned on my mission- time just doesn’t exist. It doesn’t in the eternities and I guess this life is a preparation for the eternities so maybe my mission is preparing me for a time without time! 

Terrible opening so why don’t we move on.

It was transfers week and it really feels so good to still be in Whitechapel with Sister Wallace. We have been very happy about that. One cool point was teaching our friend Valerio at Trafalgar Square while looking out at the London Eye and Big Ben. Just one of those “I’m sharing the most incredible message in one of the most incredible places” kind of things. Sometimes it’s too much to even take in. I’m very blessed. 

The weather has been an excitement. One morning as we were getting ready in our flat, it was raining and the wind was blowing like I’ve never seen before. I ran over to Sister Wallace and said, “Do you see this tsunami?!” Sister Wallace freaked out for a second and said, “What tsunami?? Where?!” I pointed outside towards the window and she just laughed at me. Forgot for a second there that I am living with an islander.

The Visitors’ Centre has also been very busy. In England they have a very odd school schedule. Basically it goes like this: classes for 6 weeks, half term break for one week. Classes for 6 weeks, term break for 2 weeks. And then the schedule repeats itself up until they have summer break which is a surprisingly short 6 weeks. So anyways, last week was half term break and because the Visitors’ Centre is on Exhibition Road among all the famous museums, lots of parents and children stumbled into the Visitors’ Centre. 

I was able to sit one on one with a sweet fourteen-year-old boy. He explained to me that he had come into the Chapel because he just wanted to know more about Jesus Christ. He mentioned that in order for us to know and become more like Jesus Christ, we must study His word. The boy was therefore very excited to obtain a Book of Mormon to learn more about the Savior, and was also intrigued by the fact that Joseph Smith was the same age as him when Joseph saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. Talking with him was just a very special experience. 

Another wonderful experience was with a young Chinese man named Nemo. I forgot how much I miss teaching Chinese people! Sidenote: shoutout to the elders for “finding Nemo” and inviting him to come into the Visitors’ Centre. It was so much fun to be with him. He is studying in the Netherlands right now, and just loved the Visitors’ Centre. Nemo was excited about prayer and the Book of Mormon and is looking forward to meeting with missionaries when he returns home. 

I feel really blessed to be serving in such a unique place. I never wanted to be a so called “Visitors’ Centre sister” but now I wouldn’t have it any other way. The people that walk through the doors of the Hyde Park Chapel are absolutely amazing. I love being able to meet people from all over the world. Friends, get ready to travel the world with me when I get home because man, I love all these cultures and want to go places!

And I guess that leads into my thought for this week. Anywhere worth going is not going to be easy. Lately I’ve reflected a lot on why it’s often quite difficult to have a strong faith. It’s easy to say the following: I’m too tired to pray. I’m too busy to read the scriptures. I just cannot go to church this week. 

Doing all of the above require effort. They take time and a lot of diligence. If you have a goal in mind, you’re going to work for it. If it’s something worth achieving or something important to you, it’s going to take hard work. And so it is the same with the spiritual aspect of our lives.

It is important to remember that we are not just mortal beings having spiritual experiences. We are spiritual beings having mortal experiences. I find it interesting that we don’t have to be reminded to eat. My stomach is kind enough to let me know when I’m hungry and I am going to do something about it right away. But our spirits need nourishment as well. Our spiritual hunger just doesn’t always come with a growling stomach. Instead we need to be reminded that we should take the time to read the scriptures, pray with the real intent of our hearts, and be further enlightened through attending church services. And none of that is quite as easy as eating a chocolate cake when the cravings kick in. 

But our spirits need it just as much as our bodies do. We need to recognize that it will be worth it, even if sometimes it just feels too difficult. Elder Holland says it best: “I am convinced that missionary work is not easy because salvation is not a cheap experience. Salvation never was easy. We are The Church of Jesus Christ and He is our Great Eternal Head. How could we believe it would be easy for us when it was never, never easy for Him?” I believe that applies perfectly to any aspect of our spiritual growth. It isn’t easy, it never has been, especially for our Savior, but salvation is a place worth going. 

Elder M. Russell Ballard once said, “We can become the masters of our own destinies by practicing self-discipline and by setting worthy goals that will lead to higher ground so that we can become what our Heavenly Father wants us to become.” 

We need to be disciplined, set goals, and work hard. If we want to become what our Heavenly Father wants us to become, we have to be willing to put in the effort required. We need to trust Him, shape up, and set forth. Returning to live with Him is somewhere worth going. 

The work is fulfilling. Every prayer said, every scripture read, every hour spent in church is worth it. We need God! No matter how stubborn we may feel and think we can do it all on our own, there will come a time in our lives when we will need Him.

As a sister once said. “There’s a point in everyone’s life where you have to have God because you have nothing else. And our job as missionaries is to make sure that when that point comes, they know God is there. There’s no one that could go with me where I went. And there is no one who can fully know what I went through but God. It’s not easy. Life isn’t easy. But if you have God then it’s possible. And it’s not just possible but it’s fulfilling.”

If you haven’t spoken to your Heavenly Father through prayer lately, pray today. If you have felt too busy to take time to read the scriptures, spend five minutes reading a few verses today. If you haven’t gone to church in awhile, decide today that you will go on Sunday. They might not always be easy. We might think we just have too many other things to do. But anywhere worth going won’t be easy! And oh how fulfilling it is.

Until the next place worth going,
Sister Fuhriman 🙂


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