If Nothing Changes

As I am now getting a bit more settled, I realized I didn’t talk too much about London in my last email! The shock of being here was pretty intense, and I still wake up every morning going, “I am in London. Is this real life?”

Oh and surprise by the way to be writing on a Saturday! Today is our P-day, but other than that, every other P-day will typically be on a Monday and that is when I will write ya’ll.

Everyday I have the unique opportunity to serve in a Visitors Centre. This means giving tours and teaching online. Teaching online is one of the coolest things! When I was called to serve in London, I knew I’d be meeting people from all over the world, but with online teaching, I truly am meeting people from absolutely everywhere. People come to Mormon.org requesting a free Bible, Book of Mormon, to chat about a question, or to learn more. I then get to communicate with these people through calls, texts, emails, and instant chat. It’s so much fun and just amazing to teach people from all corners of the earth.

The Hyde Park Chapel Visitors Centre is truly in the heart of London. It is located on Exhibition Road, where all the museums, the Imperial College, and of course Hyde Park are also located. This means everything is quite expensive where we are, but also that there are constantly people everywhere! I love getting to meet so many of God’s children, and help them come just a little bit closer to Him.

The other half of the day when I’m not serving in the Visitors Centre, we will be teaching people who are in our area. I’ve met the greatest people on the tube, the streets, and while teaching lessons. I’ve been able to be a part of incredible lessons in which you can see the persons faith growing. I learn so much from these beautiful people, and I’m so blessed to be here. My love for them continues to increase, and they make me so happy. Each persons stories, experiences, and way of thought helps me grow in so many ways. It’s just so wonderful!

Something I’ve pondered on this week is that nothing changes if nothing changes. You might want to read that again.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. 

I’ve begun to focus on the things I need to change in order to become a more effective missionary. For example, patience hasn’t always been my strong suit, but as I work on becoming more patient, I become a better (or at least more tolerable) person, and can better work with my companion. I can help those I’m serving more as well.

There’s several other things I’ve begun to notice that I need to change in order to continue to improve. This life is a period of learning, full of mistakes and challenges. Each of these trials we may face help us change, and become the people God wants us to be. Some things are placed in our path that we don’t understand and can lead us to a lonely place. However, if we decide to make a change, look for the positives, and embrace the unknown, we will realize that the obstacle put in our place is meant to help us grow. It’s not a bad life, it’s just a bad day. Wake up the next morning and think, “what am I going to do differently to make today a better day?” What change am I going to make in myself to make my relationships with others better? How am I going to act on this trial to learn from it? What little changes will I make today to accomplish the bigger change I’m seeking?

As I was pondering on this idea of change, I found this video about Stan. First off he’s just the coolest and exactly how I want to be when I’m older, but I love what he said about how he wanted to make a change in his life. Seriously watch the video. It’s not even three minutes and he’s such a fun guy with a great perspective on life.


I think each of us can make a change. Alma 5 says, “And according to his faith there was a mighty change wrought in his heart. Behold I say unto you that this is all true. And behold, he preached the word unto your fathers, and a mighty change was also wrought in their hearts, and they humbled themselves and put their trust in the true and living God. And behold, they were faithful until the end; therefore they were saved.” I would invite you all to think of a change you can make, hold it in your heart, and begin to act on it. Humble yourself and trust God as you do so. He will lead you and guide you. He will help you. I cannot tell you all enough how much I’ve already seen a difference in my own life as I decided to humble myself, soften my heart, and truly make a change. I’ve been happier, had better relationships, and been closer to my Savior.

I’m so, so blessed. I love London. I love you all and pray for you each day. Life is beautiful. Don’t waste a single moment. Live life to the fullest. You know all those cheesy statements, but I can promise you that as you endure with joy, smile through the hard times, and make a change for the better, you will be so, so blessed.


Sister Fuhriman

And because pictures can speak better than words, here are some from the past week or so 🙂


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