London Calling

I have made it to London, and I’ve survived the first 5 days here! The
flight from SLC to London was long, but let me just tell you, Heavenly
Father knows us and He answers our prayers. I was very nervous to be
flying alone, but a family ended up adopting me into their family for
the day, and they were such a blessing to me. I’ll always remember

London is great. I love this city. I won’t lie, it’s been overwhelming
and difficult, but it’s also so wonderful. I cannot believe I am
living in the middle of this incredible city. Adjusting to the tube
and bus lifestyle has been interesting, and I get to meet people from
all over the world! I don’t know what English even is anymore. There
are so many different accents and sometimes I can’t understand what
people are saying, but I’m working on it! I love the visitors center I
am in as well. I cannot tell you enough how amazing it is. I am truly
so blessed to be here.

While being here, I have spent a lot of time reflecting on how each
person I see is a child of God and loved so immensely. It’s easy to
see them as another face, but they are so much more than that. Each
person is a soul with such great worth. I wrote a post last week about
the worth of souls, which my mom shared on my blog and Facebook. I
cannot stop thinking about how incredible each person is and how
special they are, especially to our Heavenly Father and Christ.

I mentioned in my post, “The Worth of a Soul,” something is of worth
based on the price you are willing to pay for it. Christ was willing
to pay a price that is difficult to comprehend. This price and this
sacrifice was His life. He suffered all of our pains, weaknesses,
sins, mistakes, and sorrows. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we
are of such great worth that He made this sacrifice for each of us.
His Atonement and sacrifice has made me think. What is the sacrifice I
am willing to make for the people of London, who are individually of
such great worth?

I thought of Abraham and Isaac. Abraham was going to sacrifice his
only son because he knew God commanded him to do so. It was a
sacrifice so unthinkable, but he was going to do it because he trusted
God and knew God would bless him. He didn’t know what would happen,
and ultimately was blessed with not having to sacrifice his son, but
he was also blessed with the knowledge that his posterity would be
great. He received all these blessings by being willing to put his
greatest treasure upon the altar of sacrifice. Sometimes we need to
put something of our own on the altar of sacrifice. As we do so, we
just have to trust and know we will be blessed.

Coming to London, I’m learning each day of the sacrifices I need to
make in order to accomplish my mission here. It’s difficult, but I
know as I make those sacrifices, the Lord will bless me with something
greater than I can imagine. As I give a little bit more of myself each
day, and completely forget myself and go to work, I am able to have a
greater love for the people of London. I’m able to see them how God
and Christ sees them.

We are all so blessed to be loved so greatly. As I’ve been here, I’ve
found myself loving people I don’t even know. I love London, the
people, and this incredible calling I have to serve others. I love you
all, and I know your Heavenly Father and Savior know and love you each
so individually.

Sister Fuhriman




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