The First Full Week

Hello all!

Well, the first week has come and gone, and it’s been so wonderful! Life consists of learning and teach and lots of eating. It’s just been the best time. I wish I could go into ever detail, but time is short.
After I wrote you all last week, we went to the temple and it was a beautiful time.
Sunday was a lovely day. We went to a conference were a lady talked and I’ve held onto her words all week. Jesus says in Mark 5:37, “be not afraid, only believe.” I’ve used that as my little saying all week.
We then watched a talk given by Elder Bednar. Oh my goodness it was incredible. He talked about the Character of Christ. Christ turns out to others, while the natural man, ourselves, turns into ourselves.
Elder Bednar shared how Jesus Christ was in the Garden of Gethsemane atoning for our sins, feeling each of our burdens, and experiencing pain that made him bleed from every pore. While going through this, he was currently being let down by three of his apostles waiting for him that were now sleeping and he asked to stay awake, and another of his apostles who just turned him in for 30 pieces of silver.
He was just let down by three and betrayed by another. And what does he do when the guards come to arrest him and Peter cuts the ear off of one of the guards? Christ heals the guards ear, a tiny wound compared to the excruciating experience Christ is currently going through. He had every right to think about himself, but He didn’t. Rather, He turned outward and helped the solider. Elder Bednar continued by saying how we should get over ourselves. We should turn outward and serve others, rather than thinking about ourselves. Stop being the Cookie Monster and wanting everything for ourselves, but rather turn outward.
One last thing that I love that he said is how Christ’s atonement blesses us with strength beyond our own. When we believe we can’t do this, we are right. But we can do all things through the Savior. In His strength we can do all things. It was the most amazing talk.
Monday was great and Tuesday was amazing. I joined the MTC Choir, which is larger than the Mormon Tabernacle Choir by the way. It was so cool! But what was even better was that Elder Renlund of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles spoke at the devotional that evening. I cannot explain in words how powerful the moment was when he walked in the room. It was in that moment that it felt like I had just run into a powerful wall. I knew that Elder Renlund is called of God, and is an Apostle just like the 12 Jesus called while in his ministry thousands of years ago. It was incredible. I think I have permanent goose bumps and chills because of how powerful everything is her. The gospel of Jesus Christ is so true and amazing. It is why I am her. I know it is true and I love it so much.
Wednesday and Thursday were wonderful as well. I love my companion and I love my district.  I have been so blessed to be here, and it’s only been a week! Life is so great. God is incredible. Christ is my best friend and I am so happy.
There is one last thing I have come to understand this week, and that is that sometimes we may have trials and a lowliness of heart because God wants us to become humble and remember him. I love Alma Chapter 32 in the Book of Mormon. I invite you all to read it, because it is just fantastic!
Turn outward towards others, be humble, and believe my friends.
I love you all.
Sister Fuhriman


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